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    how to get more claim capacity ?

    Hi there, You can either earn more claims through playtime & votes (see Or you can purchase a rank from our store which grants more claimable chunks.
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    Fixed btw

    Fixed btw
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    Site issue, we are working on getting this fixed.

    Site issue, we are working on getting this fixed.
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    Why is my profile head a cat how to change?

    There seems to be an issue with the site, We are investigating now.
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    Guide on Using FTB Chunks with CTE2

    Guide on Using FTB Chunks with CTE2 Why We Recommend Installing FTBChunks We have opted to not use the 'flan' mod included in the CTE2 pack due to incompatibilities with our ranks mod in the current version. Instead, we are recommending the use of FTB Chunks. This mod is not only compatible...
  7. International Dog Day 2023

    International Dog Day 2023

  8. International Cat Day

    International Cat Day

  9. Sysadmin Appreciation Day

    Sysadmin Appreciation Day

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    How to Link Your Discord and Minecraft Accounts

    Guide to Linking Your Discord and Minecraft account on PlayCDU 1. Join our Discord server if you haven't already: 2. Initiate the linking command by typing /mclink. 3. When Discord prompts you, fill in the 'username' box with your in-game Minecraft name. 4. You can...
  11. Independence Day 23

    Independence Day 23

  12. Canada Day 23

    Canada Day 23

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    Thinking about deze

    Thinking about deze
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    You are forbidden from art

    You are forbidden from art
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    You are forbidden from cheese

    You are forbidden from cheese
  16. Solstices 23

    Solstices 23

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    Error when trying to connect the EU2 server in BCG

    Update to the most recent version of the pack!
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    Craft Down Under Weekly Digest (Week 5)

    Craft Down Under Weekly Newsletter Exciting Updates and News Fractureiser Malware Drama - We Stood Strong The modded Minecraft community recently experienced a security breach involving Fractureiser malware, impacting many popular plugins and mods on Curseforge and This...
  19. Pride Month 2023

    Pride Month 2023