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If you would like to appeal a ban of your account on our servers, this is the place to do it.

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Ban Appeal Application

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Why were you banned?
Do you know who banned you?
Why are you appealing your ban?

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so me and my friend got banned from the vault hunters us server with the reason dupe but the real reason was because this guy stupidly put a elevator in his shop and it didn`t say anything about not taking anything. the signs said you found my secret stach room something along those lines and the other said nothing here but my restock room so i took the things there because i thought it was something like a treasure hunt and that was the reward or something and i did a vault and then me and my friend got banned and disconnected from the server i am writing to maybe up lift the ban because in my opinion it was mainly the guys fault thanks

  • Rafty

Ban Appeal Application

**Your username:**Islita
Why were you banned? Kill one player
Do you know who banned you? No
Why are you appealing your ban?
I had a discussion with a player we ended up in pvp and thanks to a person on discord I found out that he was banned and that he was not allowed