About the Modpack Suggestions category

Let us know what modpacks you would like to see us host and vote on the suggestions of other players!
Read the first post for more information.

How to suggest:
Create a post in this subforum titled by the name of the modpack and a short description.
You can include as little or as much information as you’d like with the bare minimum being a link to the pack.

How to vote:
A week prior to selection a poll will be posted in the modpack announcements channel of our discord.
This poll will contain all (non-closed) modpacks that have been posted in this category. If a pack wins it will be removed from the category.

When we pick winners:
There is no set schedule to when new packs will be chosen, just as we retire inactive servers or roll out new hardware. We will always try to give at least 1 weeks notice in the form of announcements so that everybody has a chance to vote or shift their votes around before selection.

About topics posted here
Posts which have recieved no replies in more than 2 months will be automatically deleted, this is so we can keep the list fresh and prevent it from growing too large. Bumping topics is totally okay!