Ban Appeal Application

Ban Appeal Application

because it is about some missing bees. I didn’t steal them at all. I have already the kind of bees they had and I don’t know why to steal it even. the cause is that the server restarted/crashed while the bees were outside the apiary so they did despawned. its a bug that some people on the server know about but not all

I would even help them to get all the bees back that got missing. I don’t want to make trouble…

The reason you were banned is because of the items you have and the amount of them.

The reason I have this much are the 11 voidminers and the bees… they give really many ores per tick. it doesn’t even let the server lag as long I keep the furnaces under control. I keep it save and don’t know why its now a problem…

I even share my stuff with the other players when they need something. I don’t want anything in return