Ban Appeal - CrimsonAmaranth

We were being quite silly. I admit. But we were fully ready, and had the means to caving the chunks around the spawn in cobblestone/various things using the RFBuildingTools mod. Me and Cheesus1212 were both involved, I just wanted to bring to light that we were trying to stop it, but yeah. Regardless, it’s just a game, and we weren’t trying to negatively impact anyone’s experience, hence our attempt to fix it. Either way, have a great holiday season :slight_smile:

Thank you for the thoughtful reply. considering your action and your friends… I don’t think your friend will be unbanned but I’m happy to consider you. we take this offense seriously. if you’re unbanned expect a perm ban next time. But i +1 this and hope you learned your lesson

ofc ofc thank you :slight_smile: