Ban Appeal for BanjoRaptor

**Your username:**BanjoRaptor

Why were you banned? Toxicity (continuous tantrums in in-game server)

Do you know who banned you? Unsure, was extremely angry at that moment to figure out, besides i left even before i got banned and never bothered to look back for about a week

Why are you appealing your ban? well this one’s a long story and i’m gonna need you to stick with me for a bit
okay so when i started playing CDU, i wanted to play betterMC. but following some of the people’s unencouraging behavior that kept on mocking my inability to play the game well and keep dying, made me quit that server and come across medievalMC

knowing me, i’m a gamer that comes from alot of other gaming communities (including toxic) ones. and i do not have the temper to deal with extreme ingame difficulties that continuously mess up your gameplay, such as constant deaths and etc etc. which is also why i kept complaining ingame all the time. i like to let out my anger somehow in the chat to feel better. however it comes at the cost of other people throwing back insults at me for not shutting up, which causes further conflict

now unto the reason why i was banned, so basically following the events of the last 14 days of me in this server, i’ve made alot of nice and amazing people to who’m i liked to hang out with and tried to “fit in” in their little friend group. much to my surprise, even after some days and voice chats i’ve kept getting outcasted by several people due to them saying how eccentric and highly energetic i am. which again caused me to feel a little unfair.

days after days i’ve tried more and more to finally fit in somewhere and people kept outcasting me including the fact that my self confidence is extremely low. sure i’ve tried my way of dealing with the feeling of being outcasted by typing random humor in the chat to cope and do some other silliness to feel better about myself, however even then the people kept telling me i was awkward

on the last day before i got banned, slug and dr ink water (the people i tried to get closer to) kept on assuming things about me (including the fact that i’ve never used a single slur before i got banned) saying that how i was racist and a person with bad vibes, they refused to even give a single hi back and continued to say ill things about me, sure i’ve done some bad jokes in the game once or twice but none of them were “bad” enough to cause a ban. i’ve got muted for a week for something i do not remember

and then after that they told someone else that “i’m not entitled to their time”. okay now at that point i’ve just about had enough of everyone’s shit and gotten incredibly pissed about it and stopped thinking. and the rest were just me causing a tantrum and throwing random insults and a slur before throwing my hat and leaving the server permanently.

but now i see my mistakes, my mistakes was that first, i tried too hard to fit in with the people without giving them a chance to get to know me more! i’ve rushed so many things and made them feel uncomfortable and then got pissy about it because they didn’t trust me that much

and some of the jokes and references i kept making were things that were making people uncomfortable (such as reoccuring jojo references or other media references) including the fact that when i tried being closer to them that also caused some uncomfortability if that’s even a word

but i see now that my behavior so far in the server was extremely childish and just over all gave off a “I WON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER I WANT IT” vibe and made people wary of me i believe

i apologize to everyone that i made them feel that way and about my behavior. it was wrong

including the last bit where i threw a slur, sure i wasn’t thinking. but there are other ways to deal with frustration rather than throwing random insults at people to make them feel bad.

i am not a racist person nor have ever been. usage of these words is wrong and i know it, but again its a common thing ingame communities where if a user gets incredibly angry they start using random insult words to let out their anger. im not saying what i did was justified, it was very out of control

such was my behavior in this server, out of control and extremely low tempered.

if i won’t get unbanned, that’s fair. but i just want to apologize to everyone for the shitty experience i gave to others, i learned from my mistakes here and i will use it as an experience to not do this in a different community.

nice try ay009 you are still banned

i didn’t cover up my name, i just replaced it with my current username

you do know that i know that i can see my own edits, you can too. there is no cover up or anything
you know i’m ilay009 and this is my ban appeal

and if so care to explain everything? on why did you decline it? or why is it permanent and all that stuff
considering the fact that i’ve been told people have been accepted for worse offenses than mine

i have no records of ban evasion and probably never will. who spends 30$ for an alt?
and my entire record is only getting pissed and using a slur. which is itself really bad and terrible. just saying my deepest apologies


yes i know i am banned, ilay009 is me, banjoraptor is me. both are me they are literally the same account that underwent a name change

i just want someone to atleast consider and read everything i typed, it took me hours and if i truly was an irredeemable shit i wouldn’t have come here in the first place. i thought maybe appealing wouldn’t work considering what i did was a high offense, but i really really just want to carry on with peace of mind and apologize to this community that i behaved in wrongfully due to my uncontrollable emotions

deep down i never wanted any of this to happen, i wanted for all of us to be together happily and play and just have fun. i am apologizing because of my actions driven by my emotions. to hell with minecraft if it weren’t for the wonderful people that i played with in medievalMC. they were so good and nice, and it just feels awful for me to play them like that due to my immaturity

now why did i change my name to banjoraptor though? it was literally back when i did something and kinda ruined my reputation, no bans no anything. a mute on discord though

all i did was change my minecraft name and enter the server during a low player period so that i can attempt a fresh start, many people already knew of that. i’ve told many of my new friends in the server about my name change

i don’t understand what you’re trying to show me anymore

yes that is me, i’m stevencrazyfire and i said i will change my name to banjoraptor
now why are you showing all those discord tags? and do they have to do with me

the only people i know from those names are nightmare foxy and afton, both of them being my friends i tried to send to the server after i got banned

i told afton to go to CDU and find out what happened after i got banned
and nightmare foxy, i sent him in the server later on and he came in and did something i’m not sure. but you’re not telling me I’M responsible for anything they did?

like i said i have no minecraft alts, no alts of any kind. who’s going to spend hours making emails for even what?
if this is what you want to see then here

EDIT: i can’t reply anymore because i’ve ran out of replies for today
EDIT 2: apparently i asked foxy and he said that he micspammed using soundboards with someone in some VC and got banned

Did anyone read the appeal?..

Anyone? Please I’m extremely persistent

anyone? ;-; should i wait a month?

why are you guys neglecting this appeal?

This is too much bullshit, don’t ever need to try to get unbanned.