Ban appeal for DBFS discord and the servers

My username is DBFS and my discord is DB#8739

I was banned for talking about Australia day in the general chat i didn’t mean to pick any fights with anyone i just wanted to say happy Australia day to everyone as i know most people are from Australia in this server, i do regret saying scoreboard as i know that was wrong but everything else i said was just me loving my country and wasn’t meant to be fighting for anyone, anyways i was moved into a ticket with another person omagic but when we were moved i didn’t see the ticket as i didn’t get a ping or anything and i was mid game so i didn’t see the ticket and as i was being warned in this ticket i believed i was still talking in the general chat about Australia day, when i notice the ticket seppe was getting mad at omagic for a pfp which was similar to mine just not as bad, his pfp was a full body of someone mine is just a close up of hes face which i didn’t see to be harmful to anyone, anyways i was told that i was warned already for having that pfp and that i made omagic make hes pfp that, I did make omagic change his pfp to anything as hes a grown man, ofc he had the same photos of the pfp as did i so he also made hes pfp similar to mine, as i was trying to defense myself and i kept trying to ask seppe if my pfp was going to get me banned and every time i asked i was greeted with time outs which made it hard to get a answer there was a bit of back and forth in the ticket but i did end up saying sorry for everything about what i said for Australia day and i got banned. i dont know why i got targeted more then omagic if i did offend any of the staff i am sorry. i have over 100 hours on the on the servers, I would also like to add that my pfp has been a lot worse then this and this is the only time ive been bothered for it, and after all this talk in the chat im still unsure weather it was because of the Australia day convs in the chat or because of omagics pfp or because of mine. Please consider this ban appeal as i know im on my last warnings.

king regards-DBFS

a few days ago 1/20/2023 at 7 pm you got your first(?) warning for posting an image depicting a minor nearly full naked in #showofyour pets

on 3/12/2022 you were spamming our ticket system with slangs and being generaly rude/sus in conversations with other people from @emil1302

you werent banned for the pfp with the thug life glasses (u just assumed u did)

you were banned for taunting an general disrespectfull behaviour with malicious intent
you clearly told omagic to use that image as a pfp
and u were starting beef in global chat

all these things let to your ban we dont deal with childish behaviour

so @oliviajumba corporate decision was to ban u for this behaviour

(this reply was just to clarify)

I’m sorry for the mistakes i made in discord but i feel this shouldn’t lead to me also being banned on all the servers, Discord chats has nothing to do with how i play on the servers. Would it be possible to make the ban not permeant if thats alright.

Thanks seppe

not my decision to make

but acting like a dickhead in discord also results in being punished in all the servers
your actions have consequences

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