Ban appeal Islita

Ban Appeal Application

Your username: Islita
Why were you banned?: Kill one player
Do you know who banned you? No
Why are you appealing your ban? I was a discussion with a player we ended up in pvp and thanks to a person on discord I found out that i was banned and that he was not allowed to enter

have you realise pvp is not allowed especially when someone asked you to stop?

The area was not protected, it was wild territory, and it did not know the rule of pvp outdoors but yes i kill this player

I really want to end this as soon as possible, I like your servers but if this event prevents me from playing it again I will simply resign and turn the page

I don’t understand what you mean, but I have unban you anyway, consider this is a warning

please don’t pvp unless other player allow you to do so

pvp is not allowed anywhere no matter it’s protected or not, and I don’t see any signs of apologise from you at all, you will be watched

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, I’m Hispanic and this is difficult for me, but don’t worry, I won’t start pvp on the server again unless you consent

You dont need to ask me for approval, you need to ask another player if they want to pvp

Understood, thanks for everything

I just tried to log in again and it won’t let me

Is this still the case?

it still won’t let me in

i have @ you on discord ticket, we will help fix it

let’s talk on discord?