Banned Items for Direwolf20

A list of all banned items on the Direwolf20 server.

This will change as items are added or removed from the list.
If you have some feedback about a banned item or think another item should be banned, please reply to this topic.

Banned Items:

  • All chunk loading items
  • RF Tools Dimension builder
  • All minecolonies items
  • Advanced Peripherals Chat box
  • Time in a bottle

Block Placer of Industrial Foreground is banned? 'cause it dosent work, since the only things that can do is please only one block in front of the machine and not on a big area I think that it’s not a problem allow people to use it. Also it is very useful for automation on some mods since there are a machines that destroy a block to make some material and that machine (Block Placer) can automate the process of replace that block

IF placer was working the other day when I was using one … did you power it?

Also … isn’t time in a bottle disabled?

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I have amended the list now

Confirmed IF placer working correctly in game

oh, i will send you my config in dm (not related to tread) , maybe I’m missing something

Oh, why is Minecolonies banned? Lag reasons?

Causes a pretty severe issue when larger colonies are chunk loaded

If colony ‘size’ is the issue, is there possibly a server-side config to limit colony size, to say, 12 or 16 colonists? And maybe disable raids and other high intensity elements? Hopefully there’s a more moderate option than bannnig the entire mod.
Also, is their a performance difference between versions? Because I believe ATM6 has Minecolonies and their section of the forum doesn’t list the mod as banned.

Minecolonies is definitelty banned on ATM6 and any pack that we have it so I will need to update that post.
Colony ‘size’ is not the exact issue, rather we know that the issue happens to larger colonies.
Not something I am willing to leave to chance I’m afraid as it has caused us way too many headaches in the past.