Craft Down Under USA

Hello everyone!
Please let us know which (if any) of our existing packs we should host a US version of.

We currently have the capacity to host 5 servers

  • All The Mods 6
  • Better Minecraft+
  • CDU Custom
  • Direwolf20
  • Divine Joruney 2 (Move one server to US?)
  • DDSS
  • Engineer’s Life 2
  • FTB Plexiglass Mountain
  • FTB Sky Odyssey
  • Magica Infinitum 3
  • MeatballCraft
  • Medieval Minecraft
  • Techopolis
  • Vault Hunters

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This poll is to get a feel for what our US playerbase is like and not to make any immediate decision, please do not utilize this poll if you would not benefit from a US (East) based server.