Crafting spawn eggs

I found a data pack that would allow us to create spawn eggs. This would be a fun addition to anyone who wants to create farms in their bases but are having troubles locating certain mobs. it would sync well with the other spawner-based mods like conjurer.

Trying to set up villagers in one’s base is difficult when they all tend to die out after a few blood moons. or if you’re looking for a specific animal and you can’t locate them or have no way of bringing them back to your home. this works only with vanilla mobs up to 1.19. it does not include modpack mods. so, it’s not overpowered.

Being a data pack that just adds recipes to items that can’t be obtained, it just needs to be put on the server side and everyone can enjoy it as it can improve the quality of life inside the game. and it should also work on all modpacks we have. It doesn’t have to be just this one.

Spawner Craft