Lunus Veridian

Lunus Veridian features a “Dawn of Man” Style start, utilizing No Tree Punching and MineFantasy Reforged, along with Horse Power to start you off in the Stone Age.

Following that, the early game is supplemented by Harvest Festival, Growthcraft, and Agricraft to start growing crops for food.

Fortunately when exploring, Waystones come with most villages and can be used to travel to far off locations you’ve previously been to.

Additionally, Additional Lights and Additional Lanterns help guide the way through Hardcore Darkness that permeates the land when the sun goes down.

Furthermore, Astikor’s Horse Carts make moving items and entities, as well as making farming a little easier, although it helps to have a horse first.

Realistic Horse Genetics makes sure that you can selectively breed horses to get that color you always wanted.

Mid game starts off with metal working, with Tin, Copper, Bronze, Iron, and Steel all play a part in getting your first Immersive Engineering (and the various Addon’s) multiblock machines running.

Also introduced are Industrial Craft 2’s various machines, items, and blocks that together make grinding ores, smelting dust, and creating things out of nothing possible.

Late game should see you using Advanced Rocketry to claw your way into a new world of space exploration, and Applied Energistics 2 lets you harness power to store many items in a small space.

It is suggested to use at least 6 GB of memory to play Lunus Veridian.