Merge BMC+ and CDU

Combining BMC+ and CDU would be a fabulous combination as we can add economy and other CDU to the nicely synced modpack of BMC+.

We can either use BMC+ 1.16 and downgrade the CDU mods to their 1.16 version,
we could use BMC 1.18 and merge it with the current CDU mods with some tweaks.

I believe this will make the gameplay more immersive and challenging. There will be much more things to discover and it would be multiplayer friendly. Ofcourse, it will need some tweaking after combining the modpack as in deciding what minimap modpack to use, resolve any conflicts with mods, rework the Quests etc.

Thank you for reading this, hopefully you consider this decision.

Quite a big choice your tryna make there mate.

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