Mineshafts and monsters

a 1.16 forge modpack that i think is underated
more info from the curseforge page:
-A Complete Compulsory Quest-line, and a Good Amount of Side Quests
-An Immersive Storyline!
-Many QOL Mods

  • Hundreds of New Structures
    -An In-depth Wiki Page to Provide You with Crucial Information about This Pack Mineshafts & Monsters Wiki | Fandom
    -Hundreds of Animals, Monsters and Dragons
  • Mobs of Different Factions fight with Each Other! (Cross-mod compatibility!)
  • Reputation System for Different Factions
  • Breath-taking Biomes and Complete Cave Overhaul
  • Use Chunk Loader to keep the colony working while you go off exploring!

at first the quest-book will be empty. To get started, follow the objective (kill pillager) and trade with villagers.

there is also a lite version: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/mineshafts-monsters-lite

maybe its time to bring this back

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