Mineshafts & Monsters re-roll

Hi everyone! as you may know, we have been experiencing a litany of issues with this pack despite it only having launched. These issues can be attributed mostly to minecolonies. (This is actually the reason we ban minecolonies in most packs we host)

The issue being that the pack uses an older version of minecolonies with a number of bugs, especially relating to pathfinding which cause the server to hang. Each time one of these crashes/hangs is triggered we are required to rollback the server.

As minecolonies is the primary focus of progression into the pack I would like to propose a potential solution:

Should we switch to a version of the pack without minecolonies where progession through the pack is based purely on combat/adventure?
If we did switch, we would switch to the official ‘adventure’ version of the pack found here
otherwise it does not make sense to continue hosting the pack going forward and we can poll for a new pack to replace it. Thanks everyone for your input!

  • Yes, Wipe & switch to adventure mode
  • No, remove pack and hold new pack vote

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Just to add onto this, I am not sure that Mineshafts & Monsters adventure is very stable either, according to the comments of the pack on curseforge


SKY FARM!!! need more skyblock mod packs less sever intensive


Craft to Exile looks good :wink:

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Project Isothermal is also a fun skyblock with alternate resource generation paths.