Playtime Ranks!

Playtime Ranks

Hi all, the rollout playtime ranks has been completed on all of our 1.16+ servers, 1.12 servers soon.
You can earn different ranks on all of our servers by accumulating playtime on any of them.
For example: If you have 10 hours on Direwolf20 and 9 hours played on Medieval MC then your total playtime will be 19 hours. Every time you connect to one of our servers the first message you see will be your total playtime accross all servers.

Server Specific Ranks


Playtime: 0 Hours
Claims Chunks: 16
Chunk Loaders: 0


Playtime: 12 Hours
Claim Chunks: 25
Chunk Loaders: 0


Playtime: 24 Hours
Claim Chunks: 36
Chunk Loaders: 1

Community wide Ranks


Playtime: 50 Hours
Claims Chunks: 49
Chunk Loaders: 2


Playtime: 100 Hours
Claims Chunks: 64
Chunk Loaders: 4


Playtime: 500 Hours
Claims Chunks: 81
Chunk Loaders: 6


Playtime: 1000 Hours
Claims Chunks: 256
Chunk Loaders: 16
Additional /homes: 10

All chunk and claim block limits listed above are the base number that any rank has and can be further increased by voting each day.