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Plexiglass Mountain

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Discord: Craft Down Under

About the modpack:

Plexiglass Mountain by FTB is a new Freeplay kitchen-sink modpack with an optional questing path. It is designed around the idea that progression and preferred mods from player to player may differ therefore additional options are made available to enrich the diversity of the gameplay.
Player progression is tracked inside a new FTB guidebook using the advancements system, you can access this directly in your player inventory.
Better loot all around, scaling mob difficulty, diversification of resource production methods, ample building blocks, and late-game creative item recipes are just a few of the highlights within this modpack.

About Us:

We are a community set up with the goal of providing an enjoyable and inclusive space for anybody looking to play modded Minecraft. We are based in Australia, but are lucky enough to have players from all over the world. The packs we host are chosen based on the opinion and votes of our community.


We aim to keep our rules as simple as possible but these may be subject to change in the future.

  1. No bullying/harassment of any kind
  2. No abusing exploits/mods like x-ray.
  3. Avoid settling or claiming chunks near other players without first asking for permission.
  4. Avoid disrupting the experience of other players. (Lag machines/generally toxic behaviour.)
  5. Do not claim the main end island
  6. Do not use our discord or servers as a platform to advertise your server, either by posting here or by messaging our members
  7. The use of macros/scripts to bypass being automatically timed out is not allowed