Poll about wiping

Hi all!
I’d like to consider wiping our Direwolf20 server, my reasoning for this is that when we started off - the RTP distance was set very high (150k blocks from your position) and players have spread extremely far away: this has really limited our ability to set a world border on the server.
If we are able to wipe the map and take some of the actions we took for ATM6 in this same situation (World border, offline pregeneration, better block/item restrictions) I feel as though we can keep the server at ~20 TPS most of the time, even as players develop.

Obviously wiping is not fun so I’ll leave it up to you guys, I am looking for a supermajority or 2/3 vote to decide:

  • Wipe, Optimize
  • No wipe

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The vote will be called on July 10, 2022