TNP 5 community

As with all of the roll back crash and time out issues
tnp 5 has a new update fixing common issues with rubidum and watchdog as follow
TNP Limitless 5 | v2.20.2 Changelog (Released.)

Important fixes. Recommended to update!

Always remember to backup your world(s) before updating!

- Turn off “buffer_particles” in the Lodestone config.

- Errors in console when typing invalid commands are now fixed.
- Weird artifacting & crashes when using Rubidium is now fixed.
- World freezing & crashing due to watchdog has been fixed.

Current Forge Version
- 40.1.73

so current active player thought of getting a fresh start with a simple storage system starter pack to compensate the loss of current item
to vote on the situation here the present poll
all option include updating to the new version ofcourse

  • Yes do a fresh start with the simple storage starter pack
  • Yes do a fresh start from zero
  • no simply update and continue with the current world state

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Closed because already done