TNP Limitless Wipe

Hi everyone!
This is just a poll RE: wiping TNP Limitless 5 ahead of the next update.
A couple people have asked about this due to the biome/map corruption.

  • No, Do not wipe.
  • Yes, Wipe.

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If there is biome/map corruption after the update wiping might be a good call… but it would be really sad to lose all the love and effort I’ve put into my base just because there ‘might’ be an issue.

It’s not that there might be an issue. There IS an issue already with the biomes not matching up and large parts of the map suddenly switching terrain generation.

I can confirm. There is a ton of strange terrain generation. Giant slices of terrain just suddenly turned into a new biome being a full 40 blocks higher than other places like a big dividing line almost like someone quarries a large chunk of the place out. Especially jarring when traveling in the ocean. Plus the issue will no doubt be exacerbated when the pack is updated to latest. About a full 7 full update versions ahead. With the player base currently playing tmp or the lack of one right now. I personally believe it’s best to wipe since it will help invite new and old into the server. So far we are only facing bizarre terrain generation and map corruption but if we want to keep the server up to date we will have to probably face a whole new slew of errors caused by mods being added, and updated. So far the only thing that has actually been removed is the Akashic tome mod if I recall.

As for your base problem. I would recommend a copy and paste tool. Copy your base if possible so that at least the appearance is saved and can be pasted to a new world. Perhaps if you’re lucky you can convince a server admin to let you paste it in creative. Even if you can’t, you can substitute a lot of the rarer or harder to get resources with that paste stuff made out of concrete or whatever without too much much headache. Though can’t help you much if you have made some sort of underground base unfortunately.