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What this modpack currently is
: it started with scripts and progression from Incremental Industries, with integration between Create and Modern Industrialization ...and a large kitchen sink dumped carelessly on top. I've ported some of the most complex processing chains from GregTech, the works continues on that line. I've also remixed aspects of the early game to deliberately break some rules. All quite chaotic and mean-spirited, nothing is final. The questbook is in the process of being thoroughly vandalized.

What this modpack wants to be and will try to evolve toward: integration and eventually "expert" style pack, aspiring GTNH cousin. Where mods aren't simply included for breadth of gameplay, but integrated into the progression while expanding the different areas (and nerf everything). In the form of worldgen, biomes, monsters, food options, and haunting magic. This being obviously wishful thinking, and long term.

If CurseForge complies, my plan is to update every few days, small changes rather than big, with well documented changelogs (or trying to). Long term, this is meant as a GT-flavored "rolling release" that tries to be the best effort with what's available, pushing HARD against the tide of an ever splintering, divisive community. Proper GT orthodoxy continues on 1.12 and below.

Versions, currently two active, because why not:

  • 1.19.2 (file version starts with 2-LITE) A minor edit of the main version here below, but more focused and with a significantly reduced mod count. Some of the harshest and nasty survival aspects removed. This is meant as the "playable" and recommended version.
  • 1.19.2 (file version starts with 2-HEAVY) The MAIN version now that MI added support for custom machines. Things are rough but improving. It's a huge collection of mods on fabric side, and very heavy to run. Plagued by technical problems.
1.19.3 (file version starts with A) Just a running technical test, typical kitchen sink. No quests/custom recipes/scripts, since mods to do so aren't yet available. (Suspended, since I don't want to encourage the current version chasing <1.20)

1.18.2 (file version starts with 1) Intended to be the main version, since a few mods are stuck in this version. Due to an increased divergence with 1.19 I've stopped updating it.

Extended description: This modpack exists as mere curiosity about what modern modded Minecraft and Fabric have to offer. I've taken the modpack "Incremental Industries" as a base and started to add mods that seem interesting on the Fabric side. The questbook structure is still mostly the same, but the transition is well underway, now. Including some devious trolling that will progressively spread its rotten, evil roots.

I'm personally more invested in the 1.7/1.12 era of GregTech, but "modern" GT has gravitated toward abstracted tech in void bases and all the immersive and expansive gameplay removed. That's why modern Minecraft adds nothing for these style of mods, and actually makes things worse. What 1.18+ has to offer... is the world. Therefore this modpack does things in a more classical way, with the goal of keeping exploration, and focus and curiosity for the world, long term. It starts by expanding worldgen: Terralith, Byg, Unearthed (now stuck in 1.18, sadly), and see what happens when you replace GT giant ore veins with vanilla ores and positional quarries built on nodes around the world, that you then will have to bring together to process. There are some harder mobs, and VERY cursed mod choices. Interesting and mysterious magic mods to discover, like Spectrum and YTTR.

The main goal is to have the player spend some time in the factory, setting up some processes, and then prepare for a journey out in the world, with its accidents, deviations and discoveries. Eventually come back to the base with the resources that were found and moving on with the tech progression. Back and forth. The main progression pillar is set by tech, but it would then have side activities across the breadth of modded Minecraft. I'd like the player to refocus rather than looking at machines the whole time. Keep gameplay varied and mixed up.

In modern GT you go in a void world and build your factory on a platform. Machines don't explode if it rains, so you don't need a roof. But if you're instead bound to the world, then you'll build a base, because you need that roof. And you'll make a path and maybe a bridge, because you have to travel between places to get the resources you need. You'll need infrastructure because there isn't an ender chest that materializes its content back to your base. Constraints create gameplay, and give a sense of tangible place.

The main goal is that the factory has to be built in the world and be part of the world, rather than abstracted away. And resources need to be found and used wisely, rather than created. The questbook will offer no rewards, because things are out there, in the world. You carve them out, transform them. That's what Minecraft is about and does best.

The reason why this is showing up here is because I want more eyes on it, in the remote hope someone with better technical skills (since problems never stop coming...) and Java experience can add a few tricks to Modern Industrialization so that the vision for the modpack actually materializes.I'm currently working on the new quarry system, trying to find a way around technical limits even if things aren't in their ideal shape. The goal is that you need to explore, go caving, find these nodes, and build quarries at their location. Then plan a logistic system to bring it all together to be processed.

The official license is MIT because that's what is used in Incremental Industries, as far as I'm concerned you're free to do whatever you want. CF credit system will stay disabled. My goal isn't to be original, but to experiment with interesting ideas. What I'm doing is based on the work of other people before me, therefore just remember that even if you have full permissions on my side, some things might come with their own preceding baggage and licenses.

The progression in the modpack is UNTESTED. Around 170 360 420+ recipes have been manually added. Since these haven't been generated, it means they are all required. Current processing chains ported from TJ/Gregicality include:

  • Early gold line (TJ)
  • Full Platinum group (TJ/GTNH recipe parity)
  • Hard Ammonia line (optional in TJ)
  • Epoxy
  • Complex titanium, tungsten and tungstensteel (TJ, with fewer skips)
  • Vanadium line (removed from Nomifactory hardmode, preserved here)
  • from Ethylene to PTFE (replaced MI parts)
  • Long Indium line (TJ)
  • All Naquadah up to Alloy (missing only UHV part). Joined and adapted some parts of Nomi hardmode, so that most of the three separate lines are now part of the same giant process.
  • Polybenzimidazole (TJ & GTNH)
  • All coils up to Naquadah Alloy
  • Custom Rhenium line (not currently existing on any public GT version, custom by PCM/Schroedinger, 50 recipes)


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"IMPORTANT: current versions are broken. MI steam doesn't work with Create pipes and most of early progression is planned around it. Steel is also currently not craftable. Since the first issue is a bug in Create I can't do anything to fix it in a timely manner. I can only wait."

denied for now maybe(and i mean maybe) in the future