Craft Down Under Servers - Rules & Guidelines

Craft Down Under Servers - Rules & Guidelines

1. General Server Rules

1.1. Respect & Civility: No bullying, harassment, targeting, discriminatory jokes, hate speech, or threats of any kind.

1.2. Game Integrity: Avoid exploiting bugs, using cheat clients, or resource packs for unfair advantages.

1.3. Community Harmony: Seek permission before building or claiming near others. Avoid generating lag or engaging in toxic behavior.

1.4. Property & Ownership: Griefing, stealing, raiding, or damaging communal spaces are prohibited, even in unclaimed areas.

1.5. Advertisements: No advertising on our servers or related platforms.

1.6. Macro Usage: Allowed for minor tasks like pebble collection. Bypassing the AFK timer is prohibited.

1.7. Chunkloading: Refer to the specific chunkloading rules below.

1.8. Purchased Benefits: Meant for personal use only. Sharing of purchased benefits with any player is prohibited, regardless of base-sharing associations.

  • 1.8.1. Exceptions: Players are permitted to share claims & chunk loads with those they base with.

1.9. Mob Farms: Must have an off switch. Entity cramming farms or those causing excessive lag are disallowed.

1.10. PvP: Only between consenting parties.

1.11. Financial Appeals or Real Money Trading: Players are prohibited from seeking financial aid or engaging in real money trading on our servers. This includes requests for donations, offering in-game items for real money, or promoting personal fundraising efforts.

2. Discord/Forum Conduct

2.1. Topic Appropriateness: Stick to the designated channels or forums for specific content.

2.2. Content Standards: Maintain a family-friendly environment, avoiding explicit, violent, or discriminatory content.

2.3. VC Etiquette: Keep voice channels disruption-free. Refrain from mic spamming or loud noises.

2.4. Channel Integrity: Custom VC names should remain appropriate.

3. /giveitem Command Rules

3.1. Item Crafting: Only create items with existing recipes, except spawn eggs.

3.2. Server Performance: Refrain from creating or using items that induce excessive lag.

3.3. Item Distribution: Items created via this command are personal and shouldn't be distributed.

  • 3.3.1. Teammates Usage: While players with /giveitem access might create machines or contraptions, teammates are permitted to use such machines or benefit from the resources they produce. However, this shouldn't grant a game-breaking advantage.

4. Chunkloading Rules

4.1. Permitted Methods: Only use the CDU Chunks mod or FTBChunks for chunkloading. Any other methods, mods, or vanilla exploits for chunkloading are strictly prohibited.

4.2. Activity Requirement: Ensure active use of the chunks you're loading. Loading chunks without significant purpose or randomly is deemed misuse.

  • 4.3. Server Health & Responsibility: Ensure your loaded chunks are optimized for performance. Avoid mechanisms or setups that can cause unnecessary lag or strain on the server. Disruptions caused by a base or setup leading to its removal will not be refunded. Repeated violations may result in bans.

4.4. No Circumvention: Bypassing prescribed chunkloading methods will result in strict consequences.

4.5. Periodic Review: Admins will review loaded chunks for optimization and necessity. Chunks causing server issues will be unloaded, potentially leading to penalties.

4.6. Ask When in Doubt: Consult with the admin team if uncertain about a particular setup or mechanism.

4.7. No Transfers: Chunkloading rights should not be traded, sold, or given away.

Important Notes

  • Server roles or ranks don't provide exemptions from rules.
  • For assistance or to report issues, use #get-support.
  • Violation of our chunkloading rules can lead to severe penalties, including, but not limited to, removal of chunkloading privileges, deletion of items, or even temporary bans.
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    May 4, 2023
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