CDU Shipping News, 20 June 24

Ahoy, mateys of the Craft Down Under seas!

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through the glorious weather and fair seas of the
month of June. It be a grand time to hoist yer colors high and be proud of who you be! Whether
ye know exactly who ye are or yer still charting yer course, know this: ye be loved, appreciated,
and cared for, exactly as who ye are. Each of ye are a prized and proud member of the CDU
crew, and never let anyone tell ye different.

A special shoutout to the Gilbert Baker 9-stripe flag (all pirates love flags, and this be no
exception to that rule). Baker, a true hero of the LGBTQIA+ community and the original
designer of the first pride flag, be a name worth rememberin'. Did ye know, the original flag had
a pink stripe? Aye, it was sadly dropped due to the price of the dye, but many feel a strong
connection to its meanin' even today.

Baker’s final addition before his passin' in 2017 was a lavender stripe, representin' diversity. And
what better way to celebrate than with our own diverse crew here at Craft Down Under, all
united by our passion for creativity and self-expression? Cap’n Baker would be proud of each
and every one of ye, and we be glad to have ye aboard!

But there be more news brewin' in these waters! We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership
with Surf Hosting (and what’s not ta love about that name, eh?) They be providin' hostin' for our
most voted-for modpack this month. With nearly 100% uptime, free offsite backups, DDoS
protection, and lightnin’-fast performance, Surf Hosting be the perfect first mate for our

They even have a special promotion for our crew: use code PLAYCDU for an exclusive 50% off
yer first month! And there’s yet more good news to show you the kind of hale and hearty crew
they be. They be funding carbon removal and tree planting with a portion of their profits, which
is about as good a cause as any this one-eyed, hook-handed pirate can think of. Setting sail with
them starts at only $0.75/GB, and that’s with all the firepower of Ryzen 9 processors.

You can find more treasures about Surf Hosting on their Discord and their website.
Don’t head below decks just yet, mateys, there be more news ahoy. To all ye landlubbers and
seasoned sailors alike, there be another exciting bit o’ scuttlebutt: Helper applications be open
once again!

If ye be loyal to our community for at least a month, active, and at least 16 or show maturity
beyond yer years, we welcome ye to apply. A clean (or nearly clean) record’ll help your odds
too, but we be understandin’ folk (not all crew start out perfect, after all). These be more
guidelines than strict requirements, so there’s a bit o’ wriggle room.

So lend yer hand (or your hook), grab yer gear, and apply to be a Helper if ye feel up to the task.
The seas of Craft Down Under need bright, helpful souls to steer the ship true.

Remember mates, be kind to one another and keep yer spirits high. Happy Pride Month, and
here’s to many more adventures on our grand Minecraft server network!

Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s blog—I had hoped to detail the comings and goings at the
Academy Arcanum, but with the news we’ve had so far this month, I didn’t have room to do it
justice. Next time though, we’ll be delving into the secrets of the three (and maybe more!) magic
systems being taught under the fine tutelage of the fearsome (but friendly!) staff of the MC
Fantasy college of all things magic. Whether it’s war sorcery, utility spells, or the rites and
rituals of nature that capture yer fancy, there be something in that vast sea of knowledge for you
to immerse yourself in (and plenty of treasure beneath those waves of wisdom).

We’ll close with a bit of Minecraft lore and (if you’ll indulge me) a joke about pirates,
considering I be one.

Parrots are well-known and fine companions of those who sail the wide and fearsome seas. But
did you know the noises they make aren’t just random utterings? Not at all. They’ll always
mimic the noise of the nearest hostile creature—and turn in its direction to give you an indication
of where the closest threat may be lurking. Fine animals, they are.

And did ye know why pirates are superior to ninjas in every way?

Until next time, may ye have fair winds and following seas!

PirateBingo & The Craft Down Under Crew