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Hey all!, Welcome to the first biweekly blog. You may not know me, but my name is ZeeByte! I'll be your host, writing this blog in a dimly lit room that I call "home." But besides that, a question that may be on your mind is, "Why is there a blog?" or "What will we talk about on this blog?" And with that, I can proudly say that this newsletter will be used to talk about important things in our wonderful community, such as events, news on sales, updates on modpacks, and much, much more!

But with that being said, I know I've been yapping for a little bit, so why don't we get straight into it!

Wait, I've seen this before..
Feeling déjà vu with this blog? I don't blame you; this isn't the first time that Craft Down Under has done a newsletter or blog. We did used to have one run by Sauramel, but due to not having enough time to run it, we had no choice but to shut it down for the time being. However, I am glad to announce that this one is here to stay, as I quite literally have nothing to do when I'm not at college.

What do you mean they made Minecraft "better"?
Do you need something to do? Check out our brand new server for Better Minecraft! Whether it's taming dragons, dungeon crawling with friends, or even just opening up a humble bakery, with over 250 mods, there is a bucket load to do. Load up CurseForge, download BMC4 and join our server with the IP ""!

They're always after my Flash Sales!
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we will be holding a special sale. For 48 hours only, EVERYTHING will be 33% off!! Whether you're eyeing up Paragon, Benefactor, or even Initiate, now's your chance to seal this deal. This sale will run for the entirety of March 17th, so make sure to take advantage of these discounts before they disappear like gold at the end of a rainbow!

Ye ol' humble village!
If you find yourself exploring our BigChadGuys+ NA1 server, you might want to keep an eye out for a beautiful medieval village. This stunning area was built by Phreyja over the course of a month, and you can clearly see that time was well spent! If you're ever on the server, I highly encourage you to pay it a visit. And if you happen to bump into Phreyja, be sure to tell them that ZeeByte says Haii!! (Images will also be attached below)

An Egg-citing Easter!
Are you ready for an egg-static Easter egg hunt? To celebrate Easter festivities, we're hosting an Easter egg hunt on our BigChadGuys+ modpack. Join us on March 31st (AEST) during our community games night and get ready to scramble for Easter eggs! Our talented build team has crafted a stunning map for you to explore as you hunt down as many eggs as you can within a limited time. And don't worry, you're not just hunting down these eggs for the sake of it; there are egg-citing prizes up for grabs too! So don't be a chicken and hop on in to join the fun!

Thank you all very much for reading and I hope you enjoyed my first blog! <33


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