Craft Down Under Weekly Digest (Week 1)

Craft Down Under Weekly Newsletter

New Customized Forum is Live!
We are excited to announce our new forum that's been custom-built just for our community. It comes with a unique theme, personalized profiles, and bespoke icons. Thanks to our custom integrations, users can now display their Minecraft avatar and playtime information directly on their profile!

Smarter Vote System and Server List Reduction
Our new and improved vote system can now direct votes to the server a user is on. This update has allowed us to reduce our server list site listings by approximately 40 times, enhancing our rankings among them.

Host Migration Complete
We have successfully migrated all instances from the affected server to a new host due to the previous one not being able to provide an up-to-standard connection. We look forward to a smoother and more reliable gameplay experience!

10,000th Ticket Submitted - Celebratory Sale!
Our Discord support channel hit a milestone with the 10,000th ticket submission! To celebrate, we're offering a 35% off sale. Don't miss out!

Server Query API Update
We've made some changes to our server query API. Now all server list queries for votes, linking, and the player count bot are done via the internal/private IP of servers. This is to fix a bug affecting some players.

Traffic Update
In the past week, we saw a massive 8.6TB of traffic to our servers. Thanks for keeping Craft Down Under busy and bustling!

New Modpack Servers: Prominence
We're thrilled to introduce 2 new modpack servers, Prominence, for our AU and US players. Join us and explore new possibilities!

Thank you for being a part of our community. Here's to another great week ahead!

Your Craft Down Under Team