Craft Down Under Weekly Digest (Week 2)

Craft Down Under Weekly Newsletter

Updates and News

Enhanced Vote System
Our vote system has received a major update! We have implemented a new vote manager that sets a daily vote goal. Once the goal is achieved, we will trigger a network-wide "vote party" to celebrate. All participating players will be rewarded with levels, diamonds, fireworks, and special effects. Keep voting to earn these exciting rewards and contribute to the success of Craft Down Under!

Command Dispatcher and Broadcaster
We have introduced a command dispatcher/broadcaster, empowering us to efficiently make network-wide announcements. Stay tuned for important updates, events, and news as our team keeps you informed about the latest happenings in Craft Down Under.

Official Hosting Partnership
We are thrilled to announce our official hosting partnership with the BigChadGuys Plus modpack! Craft Down Under is now the official host in three regions: AU, US, and EU (Germany). This partnership allows us to provide an optimized experience for players in these regions. Explore the vast possibilities of the BigChadGuys Plus modpack with our reliable hosting services.

European Dedicated Server
In response to the growing demand from our European players, we have deployed our first dedicated server in Europe. This new server ensures a low-latency experience for our European community members. Join us on this new server and enjoy seamless gameplay with fellow European adventurers.

Game Rank Synchronization
To enhance the integration between the game and our forum, we have implemented game rank synchronization. Your in-game rank will now be synchronized with your forum account, allowing for a seamless experience across platforms.

Thank you for being a part of our vibrant community! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and events in the world of Craft Down Under.

Your Craft Down Under Team