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How do I see my cobblemons stats or change it's moves?
Check your keybind for "Open Summary"

How do I send out my cobblemon / battle?
Use arrow keys (default) to select a party member and press R (default) Press the same button on wild pokemon or players to initiate battles.

How do I heal my cobblemon?
Craft a Healing Machine with 2 copper ingots + 5 iron ingots.
Once placed and fully charged (over time), right click the machine to heal.

How do I catch more cobblemon?
Craft pokeballs using apricorns found on naturally generated apricorn trees. Harvest apricorns with right-click. (10% chance to drop a seed which may be planted like a sapling and can be bonemealed)
You can throw balls at wild cobblemon, and also battle them (default R) to weaken them before catching.

My apricorns aren’t growing back!
If you break the apricorns instead of right-clicking (default) to harvest, they will not regrow. You will see the apricorn bud still on the tree when you have harvested it correctly.

My party is full, where do my cobblemon go?
They are then stored in your PC which can be accessed by crafting one with 2 glass blocks and 3 iron ingots.

How do I release my cobblemon?
In your PC, when a cobblemon is selected there will be a release button on the bottom right. Warning that this permanently deletes that cobblemon!

How do I evolve my cobblemon?
Each one will have its own requirements if it is able to evolve. Cobblemon that usually require trading may be evolved with their necessary evolution item if any, and a link cable Some evolution items like evolution stones may be mined underground
Ex. Slowpoke Lvl 37 -> Slowbro
Slowpoke with King’s Rock item + Link Cable -> Slowking

Max Friendship requirements are gained through battling with your pokemon, which can be checked in the summary.

How do I give my cobblemon an item?
Send out your cobblemon and then shift rightclick them with the item in hand. Click the right item icon.

How do I put cobblemon on my shoulder?
Like above, shift rightclick them. For applicable shoulder mount cobblemon, click the left carry icon.

What cobblemon are in the mod? Where do they spawn?
Pokemon spawn conditions:
What do those biomes like “Spooky” mean?
Use /checkspawn rarity to see what can spawn where you are standing. You can also use a resource pack to show pokemon on your Journeymap Minimap + Map. Some found here (BCG Discord)

* As of writing 6/2/2023 legendary cobblemon do not spawn naturally without a datapack.

Check out the Cobblemon wiki or youtube videos for additional tutorials / questions or ask around in the Big Chad Guys or Cobblemon discords!
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