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Putting together this list for others as I always like to see Minecraft Versions and have a quick access to each of the pack URLs so I can find out more information about them. Not a comprehensive list of all the packs in the network, or all the packs in the latest polls.

Pack NameMinecraft VersionPack URLAI Description
BounceSMP: Public1.18.2 modpack that lets you join a public server with custom biomes, dimensions, mobs, and items. Explore the world with your friends and have fun bouncing around with slime boots and slime slings.
Play as Dragon1.18.2 modpack that allows you to become a dragon and fly around the world. Customize your dragon's appearance, abilities, and breath attacks. Experience Minecraft from a new perspective and dominate the skies.
Equivalent Skies1.12.2 modpack that combines skyblock and ProjectE, a mod that lets you transmute items using EMC values. Start with nothing but a philosopher's stone and a transmutation table, and create anything you want using the power of alchemy.
Fantasy Realm1.16.5 modpack that adds magic, mythical creatures, and dungeons to Minecraft. Learn spells from different schools of magic, tame and ride dragons, unicorns, and pegasi, and loot ancient ruins filled with dangers and treasures.
Project SkyQ 21.19.2 modpack that is a sequel to Project SkyQ, a skyblock modpack with quests and custom recipes. Progress through different tiers of technology and magic, complete challenges, and unlock new islands to expand your base.
Miskatonic Mysteries1.19.2 modpack that is based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, a horror writer who created the Cthulhu Mythos. Delve into the dark secrets of the cosmos, perform rituals, summon eldritch entities, and try not to lose your sanity.
GregTech Community Edition1.12.2 modpack that features GregTech, a mod that overhauls Minecraft's tech system and adds realistic machines, ores, materials, and energy. Prepare for a long and challenging journey of automation, engineering, and resource management.
M-Tech1.19.2 modpack that is a minimalistic technical modpack with a deep philosophy and development by stages. Start with simple tools and machines, and gradually unlock more advanced technologies and concepts. Explore the world and discover its secrets.
Create Stellar1.19.2 modpack that showcases Create, a mod that adds mechanical contraptions and automation to Minecraft. Build complex machines using gears, belts, pistons, shafts, and more. Use your creativity and engineering skills to create anything you can imagine.
Crazy Factory1.18.2 modpack that is all about building factories and producing goods. Use mods like Mekanism, Industrial Foregoing, Immersive Engineering, Thermal Expansion, and more to create efficient production lines and automate everything.
Vorps Reborn1.12.2 modpack that revives Vorps, a mod that adds new dimensions, biomes, mobs, structures, items, and mechanics to Minecraft. Travel to different realms such as the Netherworld, the Endless Sea, the Voidlands, and more. Experience a whole new adventure in Minecraft.
TNP Limitless 61.19.2 modpack that is the sixth installment of the TNP Limitless series, a modpack that aims to provide a balanced and fun experience for all kinds of players. Enjoy mods from various categories such as exploration, combat, magic, tech, building, farming, and more.
InsaneCraft1.12.2 modpack that is insane in every way possible. It has over 300 mods that add crazy features such as superheroes, dinosaurs, aliens, anime characters, guns, vehicles, dragons, magic spells, nuclear bombs, and more. Play at your own risk.
Age of Bewitchment1.7.10 modpack that is set in a medieval fantasy world where magic and witchcraft are common. Learn different types of magic such as blood magic, elemental magic, necromancy, voodoo, and more. Beware of the dangers that lurk in the shadows.
Additional ATM 8 server.1.19.2 modpack for Minecraft 1.19.2 that adds more content and features to the original All the Mods 8 modpack. It includes mods such as Biomes O' Plenty, Create, Immersive Engineering, Mekanism, Mystical Agriculture and more. The modpack aims to provide a balanced and fun experience for both casual and advanced players.
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